Tired of Poor Airflow, Inconsistent Temperatures, and the Jet Engine HVAC Unit in Your Backyard? Here’s the Solution.

Meet the Daikin FIT System: 21st-Century Comfort without the Noise or Cost

Delay Payment for 12 Months | Get $1,000 Credit for Upgrading| Save Up to 30% on Energy Costs | Enjoy a Comfortable and Quiet Home Environment 

You Won't Find a Better Deal in Omaha

when you purchase the Daikin FIT – get up to $1,000 credit upon upgrade and delay payment for up to twelve months.


Enjoy Consistent Airflow

in every room of your home and avoid temperature swings with Daikin’s variable-speed inverter technology.


Save up to 30% on Your Energy Bills

without sacrificing on efficiency, consistency, or comfort –

keep your money in your pocket for a rainy day.


Appreciate the Sound of Silence

with the FIT's quiet operation that is no more noticeable than the hum of a fridge – no more turning the TV up.


Throw Out the Old HVAC Eyesore

and replace it with a discreet and compact side-discharge design – boost your home’s curb appeal and comfort.



The Daikin FIT is a modern, low-profile HVAC system that doesn’t compromise on comfort. Controlled through a smart thermostat, you simply set the temperature you want, and the Daikin FIT does the rest for you, efficiently and quietly.




Using variable-speed inverter technology, the Daikin FIT provides consistent airflow and temperature throughout your home by automatically regulating its motor speed. This smart technology doesn’t just keep you in comfort – it also saves you up to 30% on your energy bills by reducing energy waste. 



The Daikin FIT’s quiet and compact build means that its external unit takes up little room in your backyard – and won’t disturb you and guests when you enjoy lazy summer evenings outdoors.





Daikin is the world’s leading HVAC manufacturer with industry-leading 12-year parts and replacement warranties to match.

With a vast manufacturing plant in Houston, Texas, and industry-leading warranties, you’re not just getting a comfortable living space – you’re also getting the peace of mind that comes with picking an industry leader.

Meet the HVAC System That’s a Byword for Comfort: The Daikin FIT System


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Daikin FIT system includes:

  • Daikin FIT Whole-House Air Conditioner - Inverter (Included)
  • Daikin All Aluminum Coil [CAPE/CAPEA/CHPE] (Included)
  • Daikin 80-97% AFUE Communicating Gas Furnace (Included)
  • Daikin One+ Smart Thermostat (Included)

To complete the Daikin One Ecosystem for total home comfort you can add-on: 

  • Daikin One Premium Air Cleaner (Add-On)
  • Daikin One Home Air Monitor (Add-On)

Sure! The Daikin FIT system comes with 12-year parts and replacement warranties through Daikin and has a 12-year labor warranty through ServiceOne:

*Complete warranty details available from your local dealer/contractor or at https://www.daikincomfort.com/. To receive the 12-Year Unit Replacement Limited Warranty and 12-Year Parts Limited Warranty, online registration must be completed within 60 days of installation. Additional requirements for annual maintenance are required for the Unit Replacement Limited Warranty. Online registration and some of the additional requirements are not required in California or Québec.

During the Comfort Advisor appointment, a ServiceOne Comfort Advisor will assess your current HVAC equipment, run a load calculation on your home, go over the offer with you, and provide you with a quote that will meet your budget & comfort needs. 

What Omaha and Council Bluffs Homeowners Say About the Daikin FIT System

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